Are you looking for a different way to experience Israel? Then how about a trip that really takes you off the beaten track?

Get out there, away from the tourist rush, and experience the outdoors. Take a hike up the magnificent mountains of Eilat. Walk through the enchanting woods on Mount Meron. Swim in sparkling Golan streams. Explore and experience the secrets of the Israeli desert.

Walk in Israel are the experts and leading provider of hiking and trekking tours in Israel.

Israel's historical and archeological heritage is famous for its globally significant cultural values. But Israel has even more to offer you – a truly incredible variety of fascinating landscapes. The country's geological phenomena are unique in the world. And Israel, situated between three continents, is also the junction for special fauna and flora.


We want to take you on a memorable journey through this amazing country. Our goal is for you to revel in the ride and everything that Israel has to offer. We do the planning and organizing so you can enjoy the walking!


When planning a trip the most important decision is to choose the right time and the right places to visit, certainly when planning a hiking and trekking trip. The variety of different terrains in Israel means you can come hiking and trekking here at any time of the year. And we’ll help you choose the right time for your visit Israel.   


This is the season when the wildflowers bloom and the country is covered with colorful and fragrant blossoms. The weather is very comfortable for hiking and trekking so we can offer you
many different day hikes and treks.
This is the right time to enjoy hiking and trekking near and through water. Refreshing fun and adventure will be yours in the shade of the high mountains of the Galilee and the Golan and the coolness of their groves, deep canyons and invigorating springs.
This is when the days start to cool off and it’s a great time to enjoy the comfortable weather – perfect for hiking and trekking
almost everywhere in Israel.
While everywhere else the weather is cooler, this is just the right season for hiking and trekking in the Israeli desert – both the Judean Desert and the Negev. We offer a variety of hikes and treks
deep into the desert away from civilization and
from the tourist rush.
Map of Israel Eilat Mountains Negev Desert Judean Desert Judean Mountains Coastal Plain Shomron Mountains Mount Carmel Lower Galilee Upper Galilee Golan Heights
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