The Sea to Sea Trail

This is a fabulous way to cross the entire Galilee.
This trail will take you from the beautiful Mediterranean coast nature reserve of Achziv and through the two most impressive streams that climb up densely forested Mount Meron (1,200 m above sea level).
Then, it’s down into the Amud Stream canyon and far below that, to the Sea of Galilee (205 m below sea level).

The trail is 75km 4-5 days trek.
DAY 1- 21km: From Chziv beach to Abirim.
DAY 2- 21km: From Abirim to mount Meron.
DAY 3- 19km: From mount Meron to Tzfat.
DAY 4- 16km: From Tzfat to the Kineret (Sea of Galilee)
Omri Matias
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