The Golan Trail

This trail will be your opportunity to discover this wonderful volcanic plateau, suspended between Israel and Syria.
The trail starts from halfway to the top of Mount Hermon (1,475 m above sea level) in the north and then crosses the entire plateau – you’ll see volcanoes, grasslands, stream canyons and the ruins of ancient towns.

The trail ends at the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

The trail is 120km 7 days trek.
DAY 1 - 13km: From mount Hermon to Tel Katza.
DAY 2 - 18km: From Tel Katza to mount Bental.
DAY 3 - 21km: From mount Bental to Aloney Habashan.
DAY 4 - 21km: From Aloney Habashan to Yonatan.
DAY 5 - 20km: From Yonatan to Um El Kantir.
DAY 6 - 20km: From Um El Kantir to Amphi Golan.
DAY 7 - 16km: From Amphi Golan to Taufic (optional 4km to KIbutz Haon).
Omri Matias
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