Across the Negev Desert, from Makhtesh Ramon to the Arava Valley

This trail will give you an opportunity to enjoy a longer desert experience, taking you happily away from civilization for three nights. It starts from the western Negev and crosses Makhtesh Ramon, a most amazing geological phenomenon that is unique to Israel’s Negev Desert.
At the bottom of the makhtesh we’ll meet the famous Incense Route, the ancient trade route now recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The trail is 59km (minimum) 4 days.
DAY 1 - 26km: From mount Ramon to the Gypsum camping.
DAY 2 - A day in the Makhtesh by your choice Hiking/ Biking/ Jeep
DAY 3 - 18km: From the Saharonim camping to the Geled camping.
DAY 4 - 15km: From Geled camping to Sapir.
Omri Matias
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